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Alternative Submission Process If you are unable to submit your filing through Intuit, you can file directly on Virginia's Department of Taxation web site using Online Services for Businesses. Alternatively, you can print and mail your form and check. Enter your username and Password.

If you have not already done so, you need to create your own unique User ID and Password to log in to the Arizona Taxes website. Click on Register, Enroll or Login?

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Need Help? Employer Registration Withholding Tax How does the agency prefer the employer to register? Online Where can I find out more about the agency process for registration?

Does VEC offer discounts to military families and veterans?

No What is the name of the form to use for registration? When submitting the paper form response time is 30 days. Unemployment Insurance Tax How does the agency prefer the employer to register?

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Forms for Tax Year will be accepted on Dec 17th, for processing in mid to late January, This functionality allows a file to be created in QuickBooks that you can submit to the agency. For more information, click here.

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The information contained on these pages is meant to provide general information about the payroll process. It is not intended to provide comprehensive tax or legal advice and does not modify or extend the service guarantee to any Intuit product or service. Important Subscriber Information: Colorful coupon template with flat design freepik 1k Elegant discount cupons with golden details freepik 19k Flat gift vouchers with color details freepik 33k Modern gift voucher template with flat design freepik 1k Plain gift voucher freepik 2k Modern restaurant discount banners freepik 51k Luxurious gift voucher with golden bow freepik 50k Colorful gift coupons with abstract shapes freepik 16k Hand-drawn gift vouchers with decorative musical notes freepik 12k Fantastic gift vouchers with polygonal shapes freepik 34k Offer coupons templates freepik 18k Sales concept with coupon freepik 1k 9.

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