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Please click HERE if you wish to use her original profile! Hell, if I was honest deep down, I would expect there to be issues, especially during a time, where so many other addons are getting updated too, all in preparation for the release of Battle for Azeroth. Keep the faith everyone! Today, I felt it was a good time, to revisit an old blog post, that needed updating: So what does this mean for us? Alternatively, you have 2 options.

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The Darkmoon Faire is a World event that is only available to you for one week from the 1st Sunday of each Month. The Darkmoon Faire has a lot to offer, from completing profession dailies, helping you increase your profession level , fun mini-games and some rare bosses to conquer, with some decent loot, i. Check this blog post for a detailed explanation for the price changes.

As with a lot of markets in World of Warcraft , these prices greatly depend on the size of the realm you play on, and supply and demand. Low populated realms, have lower competition and bring higher prices.

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To take advantage of all of this, just buy your quest items when The Darkmoon Faire is closed! Be aware that you can only hand in one of each quest item per Month. Darkmoon Faire Quest Items: TSM Import String: A great Gold-maker called OldBess , who creates awesome World of Warcraft GoldMaking content within the community, has created a great video showing you how to complete this quest chain. Please do like, share his video if you found it helpful. Also, please do subscribe to him, as you will get updates on future content, thank you! Ideally, if competition is low on your realm or prices are high, we will be looking at spending our tokens on Replica Transmog , but there are alternatives with Battle Pets if you prefer.

Be sure to use The Undermine Journal , to see what the most profitable piece is, for your realm. As a rough guide, the minimum you could sell one piece for, is approximately 40k on a medium to low populated server. On a high populated server , anywhere around the 30k mark! Simply head on over to Twitter , and in the search box, add the following Replica Transmog this will show you all the tweets tagged with Replica Transmog! This is a great source of information, if you dabble in the Battle Pet market. Be sure to kill the Darkmoon Rabbit too, this pet still sells for a nice amount if you manage to loot one.

Be sure to give it a rating and leave a comment if you found it helpful!

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If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up on Twitter , I will do my best to help where necessary. Its a lot easier to manage and more importantly, you can change each pets shopping and auction price settings to your specification. Updated As of today The two groups are A-M and N-Z. My price strings are set to different realms and not based on an average like in the past. This is because wow-pets. Directions for use: Backup your TSM3 Two: If you do not follow the steps above, then you will have a group missing, or maybe pets missing, so please follow careful!

This is slightly quicker and just use your tooltip with your price strings, to evaluate whether to make a purchase. This is the quickest method of contact! Good evening guys. Well, until the next patch comes out and more Battle Pets come into the game. These had to be split up, due to the size of the group.

Chettinad Cotton Sarees

This will write the info to your addon files and obviously refresh TSM. The other one, is without operations and easier to import. Simply copy the string you wish into your TSM3 which will benefit you the most. If you do experience any issues, please do let me know on Twitter. If you want to share these strings, please do so, but credit me where possible! Thanks to Peelyon , Super Squirt is on Sunday 12th Feb , so if you wish to power level any Battle Pets from 1 to 25 please follow his guide. He has a depth of knowledge on Battle Pets and making gold within Warcraft , so be sure to drop on by and check him out.

Most folks will work with TSM using one or both of the built-in clients: Unlike tabadmin, the TSM directory location is automatically added to the Path environment variable, so you can call it from any location in a command prompt. See point 9 below. Given all the changes in this release, the upgrade path is a bit more complex.

Seriously, go do that now, stick it in your back pocket, then read through the rest of the Now when you take a backup or archive your logs, they will always save to the same, fixed location. You can of course change this fixed location with another setting, but here are the default locations FYI….

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Backup files no longer contain any configuration information. This means all restores from now on will be the equivalent of a restore —no-config, it will also be very easy to import and apply server settings to a new deployment with a single file. Assetkeys will now be included with a backup, but if you are upgrading to See here for more info: Why did I get all shouty about backups earlier? What does that mean? The Coordination Service is based on Apache ZooKeeper and is used to coordinate activities on the server, including for high availability installations.

15 BIG changes coming to Tableau Server on Windows - The Information Lab

Previously, it was installed automatically as a part of Tableau Server. This is still the case for single-machine Tableau Server installs, but if you are running a cluster of three or more nodes, then you need to do some additional work to deploy a coordination service ensemble. Kind of! The Client File Service seems to take responsibility for…. This is a major architectural change, the concept of a primary vs worker has now been deprecated. Previously, this distinction was made to highlight the node in a Tableau Server cluster that was running the licensing process.

The licensing process is important — if it went down, you had a limited amount of time to bring it back up again before the rest of the processes stopped working. This required some scripts to failover: Now this all goes away. Instead, we have the concept of an initial node, which will be the first machine that we create in the cluster.

moving a node/data from one TSM Server to another TSM Server

This machine will by default host the licensing process and other management processes, but in the event of a failure, these processes can be migrated to another machine. This means we have a lot more flexibility to design highly available architectures. Creating a snapshot of your server logs now has to be done in the new administration WebUI, or at the command line. This means that server or site administrators will no longer be able to do this from the standard web interface, one needs to have TSM access, and the account running TSM web UI or CLI must be a member of the local administrators group on the Windows computer running Tableau Server.

In pre This is now no longer supported, so you really do need to think carefully about selecting your identity store type at the deployment stage. My rule of thumb: As always please do give me a shout if you have any questions or want to discuss further.

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